About Us

We are owners and developers.

We’ve been on both sides of the table. Every project has its challenges and given our experience – we’re able to navigate challenges in the most cost efficient and effective ways.

Our team is our team.

Many GC’s take contracts and sub out entire jobs. Our team is made up of full-time employees who have all worked on multiple projects. We sub out mechanicals to experienced and proven professionals to ensure high quality of work and on time execution. Clients will see the same Palm Home Improvement (PHI) team faces from week to week. Our carpenters work with everything interior – that includes framing, tiling, flooring, sheet rocking, painting and much more. We are able to maintain schedules because we make them. The buck stops with us.

Our quality is paramount.

Our team is professional and efficient. We are fully licensed and insured. The team has decades of combined experience and are OSHA certified. PHI delivers top quality finishes. 

We are fair.

Every project we’ve encountered both within our own portfolio and within the portfolio/projects of others – there has been some sort of unknown – there has been some sort of change order. In our experience, GC’s generally like to take advantage and overcharge/profit from change orders. At PHI we look to build long term relationships and maintain an excellent reputation. In our eyes change orders are just that – changes – not money-making opportunities. When change orders do arise, we tackle it ahead of time and ensure that each situation is dealt with in a fair way.